Approach to Treatment

Approach to Treatment

I believe that the best approach in mental health is collaborative. Involving you in the treatment plan produces the best outcomes and helps to ensure greater overall client satisfaction. Together we will formulate a plan that is fluid and adjustable as we progress towards a optimal mental health. Approach may involve psychotherapy, psychotropic medication, psycho-education, life coaching, skill building, EMDR, nutritional counseling, heart centered hypnotherapy or a combination of these.

If medication is elected, we will utilize the principle of starting low and going slow. We will make adjustments as necessary until we both feel you are performing at your optimal levels. This approach tends to find exactly the right medication at the right dose in less time.

We will incorporate the principle of mindfulness. This means staying present and noticing what is happening in the present moment rather than a focus on the past or a projection into the future. For some, this is a huge step and brings welcome relief from old dysfunctional patterns that keep one stuck in the hamster wheel of life. For others, this is a breath of fresh air and a renewed sense that life is wondrous and with each day comes new opportunities for growth and development.

I also incorporate spirituality however that is defined for you the client. I understand that you are more than your symptoms of dis-ease that you are presenting with. That mix is filled with mind-body-spirit components and if only one of those aspects is addressed, we may be working hard with minimal results. I invite prospective clients to look at all areas of their lives and see which may be functioning at a lower level and address ways to improve over all physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

My Philosophy

Like snowflakes, no two clients are alike. I utilize that approach in working with clients that I am fortunate to assist. I understand that sometimes the hardest thing is to make that initial contact whether it is via the telephone or online and I honor the part that knows it is time to get beyond the problem areas causing discomfort. Give me a call at (503) 492-2200 and let’s discuss your needs.